Medallion Corporation: Encouraging Wholesale Discrimination

Unfortunately, you have improperly trained your staff at 565 Sherbourne St, resulting in a culture of fear and persecution against those who cannot (by reason of medical or ideological significance) wear a mask or other face covering. I even went out of my way to (at considerable cost to myself) print out an earlier copy of the attached notice to be posted in your building informing residents and staff that as masks are mandatory requirements, there are certain exemptions.

Despite having been previously put on notice regarding its encouragement of wholesale discrimination, the Management at Medallion Corporation proudly claims that as it is of Jewish descent, it is immune to acting like a Nazi Brown Shirt or an enforcer for Stalinist Russia.
On the contrary, they should be exercising abundant caution so that they do not act in any fashion resembling a Good Nazi™.

This article is to be continued, but we're including the proper signage we've been posting in order to inform residents and employees of the REAL Mask Law provisions...


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